The Warmth of Love

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Simply Quilted is Ottawa’s quilt designer. With over 20 year’s experience we’ll keep you warm.

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Simply Quilted was birthed in 1980 when I made three quilts by hand (the year that we adopted our first son). I didn’t pick quilting up again until 2002. That was a very difficult year for the family and especially me. I knew I had to put my energy into something other than our problems so that joy wouldn’t leave me. I remembered I enjoyed quilting, and wanted to get back into it, so I headed off the nearest quilting shop to find some solace.

I bought the fabric to make a double bed log cabin quilt. I finished the top in three days while managing a house with nine kids at the time. (We had adopted six children and were foster parents to babies, mostly with special needs.) Back to the quilt shop I went for more fabric, and so the journey began.

Over the years, I have made quilts for different organizations and charities. Cancer victims, new refugees to Canada, charities the local guild helps, and my latest one is making quilts for the people of Chernobyl. I found out about an organization that ships containers to Chernobyl every year to help the people in this region. I’ve been told that they don’t get gifts for birthdays or Christmas and sometimes the quilts they receive may be the only blanket the will have their whole life. I have received pictures of the children who have received my quilts and the joy on their faces keeps me going.

If you are interested in partnering with this organization in serving the communities of Chernobyl please click on the button below.

The warmth of Love


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Simply Quilted offers several services which include


We’d love to work collaboratively with you to design a quilt for you.


Creating a completely custom made to order quilt.


You can select any pre- made quilt from our inventory for purchase.


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